Due to the current status of Covid-19, registration for all events is temporarily on hold until decisions about events have been confirmed. Thank you for your continued support and we hope to see you soon! 

Paintball has NOT yet been cancelled or rescheduled and we will update our website and social media when confirmed decisions have been made closer to scheduled events.

When: September 26th

Our annual paintball game is where it all started!  A bunch of friends coming together to have fun playing a game and the result, we helped local children and had a blast at the same time!

You can bring your family, friends, in-laws, whoever…… Come play like a kid in the beautiful outdoor course with rocks and trees!  Lunch is provided, the annual t-shirt, and entry to the raffle.  There are many raffle items that you can win over lunch.  There is a bounce house for the little ones who aren’t playing yet.

Play, shoot paintballs at stuff, share your stories, have a great time and help us benefit a local family that could use our help!  (1000 rounds of paint, gun rental, field fee all included with entry)